About Us

Melbourne Termites − The Best Termite Control Company

When you need termite control and termite prevention in Melbourne, you can’t go past Melbourne Termites. We’re a long established team of termite contractors who specialise in carrying our termite inspections for Melbourne residences. Winter months in Melbourne are wet, creating the perfect conditions for termites who love chewing on damp wood. If you’re worried about the state of your building, call the true termite specialists in Melbourne at Melbourne Termites.

Why Our Termite Contractors Are the #1 Choice

Why choose Melbourne Termites as your preferred termite contractors? Because we’ve got what it takes to fix your termite issues and stop them from coming back! With over 20 years expertise in termite control and termite eradication in Melbourne, Melbourne Termites has NEVER had a recall on any termite management treatment. Here are just some of our advantages:

We’re experienced − We have over 20 years of experience in termite prevention and control.
We meet industry standards − We conduct termite inspections in Melbourne to industry standards AS 4349 – 2007 to ensure a high-quality service.
We’re fully insured − Our work on your property is fully insured, whether it’s for a termite inspection or a chemical soil treatment.
We know the climate − Our termite specialists are familiar with the Melbourne climate, ensuring we know what to look for in any termite inspection in Melbourne.
Specialist termite control − Rather than spreading ourselves too thin on the pest control front, we specialise in termite inspections and termite prevention for Melbourne homes.

Our expert knowledge makes us the first port of call for all Melbourne termite problems. Got a termite invasion? Call us today on 1300 371 708.