Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection in Melbourne

Pest Control Termite Inspection with Melbourne Termites

Both termite control and termite prevention in Melbourne begin with a termite inspection. At Melbourne Termites, our highly trained termite specialists can conduct termite inspections in Melbourne to determine if you have termites in your house.

A termite inspection in Melbourne is particularly important. We live in a climate that’s quite wet over the winter period, which can set up dampness in wooden houses and entice termites to start gnawing away at wooden structures and floors. Our termite specialists in Melbourne know the climate and how it can cause termite problems for wooden houses. If you’re worried about the state of the woodwork in your home, call us for a termite inspection today to get peace of mind. Remember, termite prevention is better than a cure!

Our Termite Inspection Service

During our termite inspection service, our expert team will visit your residence and scour the perimeter of your home, checking for entry and exit points that the termites could be using to travel to and from your building. We look for any evidence of live termite activity, making sure to check cavities and under floor areas.

We are completely thorough with our search, and our termite inspections comply with all industry standards AS 4349 – 2007 & AS 3660. You can rest assured that if there are termites in the house, we’ll find them. Knowing that our inspections meet industry standards means that you can trust our diagnosis of your home.

If There Are Termites In The House

If we do find termites in your house, all is not lost! We offer a number of termite control management methods, we can use to eradicate of any termites. The quicker you call us, the sooner we can get working on your termite infestation and most of all, the least damage caused to your main asset. Our termite specialists are here to help you − call us now on 1300 371 708.