Termite Prevention

Termite Prevention Treatment

Termites thrive in moist and humid areas where they have a steady food source of wood. In order to minimise your chance of getting termites and needing some kind of home termite treatment management plan, it’s important to check for leaks in your home. Termite protection can be as simple as dealing with the parts of your home that produce excess water. By ensuring any water run-off is being disposed of properly, you can avoid damp wood in and around the structure of your home and lessen the chance of termites entering and attacking your home. At Melbourne Termites, we also offer effective termite protection systems to help prevent termite infestations.

Do I Need Termite Treatment?

We know exactly how to check for termites in a house, so you can rest assured we can determine if a termite treatment management plan is necessary. The only way of knowing if you need treatment is to conduct a thorough termite inspection. Our termite inspections in Melbourne comply with industry standards, The Timber Pest Inspection should also be carried out by a contractor appropriately licensed by Victorian Health Department. Part 3 of AS 4349 – 2007 provides minimum requirements for a non-invasive Timber Pest Inspection and report on timber pest activity within the house and for the surrounding property within 30 metres of the building, ensuring every detail will be covered.

What’s the Best Termite Prevention Treatment?

After termites have invaded, it’s less about termite prevention and more about termite control. Our termite specialists regularly carry out termite inspections to locate Melbourne termite problems. Once termites are found, there are a few different options for eradicating them. Our termite specialists in Melbourne go around the perimeter of the property applying a chemical soil treatment and barrier, using on the BEST products on the market. TERMIDOR SC residual termiticide & the latest TERMIDOR HE residual termiticide. Not only backed with an 8 year warranty but also with a $2 Million Assurance Warranty which only the elite companies can offer the home owner.

Termite Prevention in Melbourne

Termite prevention and treatment depends on the state of the residence. After a single infestation of termites, it may be necessary to make alterations to the building to install termite protection systems, which could be as simple as making changes to syphon off excess water and deal with leaks.

Termite Prevention Treatment with Melbourne Termites

If you’re worried about termites in your home, call us now for a termite inspection in Melbourne on We’ve got the necessary experience and technology to help you eliminate the termites and prevent their return for a minimum of 8 year. Call us today on 1300 371 708.