Termite Treatment

Termite Control, Termite Treatment & Termite Protection

If you’re in need of a termite treatment, the most important thing is to not attempt a treatment by yourself. When termites are disturbed, they can move deeper into the structure of your building. If you need a termite treatment for your home, or if you’re wondering what the most effective termite treatment is, call on the experts at Melbourne Termites. Our residential termite treatment process has been tried and tested over the years, ensuring excellent results. The best time to treat for termites is the first time you spot them, so if you’ve found some in your home, don’t put off calling us − we can arrange a termite inspection in Melbourne for you in no time.

The Termite Control Process

Termite control requires a clear and methodical process to ensure the best termite prevention in Melbourne. Get it right after your first outbreak and you’ll never have to worry about termites again for a minimum of 8 years. Our termite specialists in Melbourne follow a specific process for termite treatment, termite eradication, termite protection and termite control:

Stage 1: Termite Inspections in Melbourne

Our termite specialists begin the process of investigating your Melbourne termite problem with a termite inspection. In-depth termite inspections are essential for finding out the extent of the infestation and determining any damage to your residence. After the termite inspection, we use the information gathered to come up with a residential termite management treatment plan for your home.

Stage 2: Chemical Soil Termite Control Treatment

To achieve the most effective termite treatment, our termite specialists first use chemical soil termite control treatment to stop termites from gaining entry to the building. The chemical soil termite treatment is applied to the perimeter and sub-floor of the building. Melbourne Termites, utilise the BEST product on the market, TERMIDOR SC residual termiticide and the latest TERMIDOR HE residual termiticide.

Stage 3: Termite Baiting

Our specialists install and monitor bait stations filled with termite bait to kill off live termite activity.

Stage 4: Building Improvements & Inspections

After an episode of termite control and treatment, it is usually necessary to make modifications to the building to ensure future termite attack and prevention. Access points for future building inspections are improved, and subsequent inspections should occur at intervals of 12 months.

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